J & H Jewelry

About J & H Jewelry

Where it all began…

From a small coin shop to a leading antique and vintage jewelry provider, J&H Jewelry has been in operation since 1976. J(oe) & H(arriet) opened the store almost 50 years ago when they realized certain coins have value if they’re dated with specific years or had certain numbers inscribed on them. They’d sit for hours sorting through pennies and eventually opened their own shop. Eventually customers would come in with jewelry they were hoping to sell. Some of the pieces were absolutely beautiful, and so Harriet decided to sell them instead of merely scrapping the gold. Fast forward 50 years and now their daughter Lisa and grandson Matthew have taken this mom-and-pop shop and evolved it into one of Long Island’s leading antique and vintage jewelry stores.


With an eye for the unusual, Lisa is surely the star of the show when it comes to our success story. She has slowly assembled herself a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, some even dating back to the 1800s. With a rare appreciation for these unique treasures of the past, the clients of J&H trust her to find them jewelry that will invoke more than just a double take. On a constant search for pieces, she feels will thrill her customers, Lisa’s rare collection inspires creativity and stimulates conversation. Her customers resonate with the pieces as their uniqueness are able to showcase each individual’s true authentic self. This inspired Lisa who eventually came up with the company slogan, “You are unique, your jewelry should be too”.


In addition to her wide array of antique and vintage jewelry, Lisa has assembled a strong team of jewelry professionals. Visit J&H for anything from a styling consultations, precise and meticulous jewelry repairs, and customization opportunities including diamond setting, pearl, and bead restringing and soldering.